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Whether it’s Atlanta or the surround areas here in Georgia, we can meet your needs for commercial and residential demolition work. Our team is comprised of time tested experts.

A Commercial and Residential Demolition Company in Atlanta

Are you looking for a commercial demolition company to handle your commercial demolition services? Perhaps you need a residential demolition company to help with renovating or other residential jobs. Atlanta demolition is a leading commercial demolition contractor and residential demolition contractor providing high-quality services using proven techniques and the best equipment to handle all demolition services. We take safety seriously and ensure we complete every project efficiently. Contact our demolition company in Atlanta to discuss your unique needs and find out why we are a top choice for residential and commercial demolition services.

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Why Us?

Tried and True

Our company has been around and doing this sort of work for countless years now. We provide complimentary quotes that are timely and solid. Our team is the best option as we have been executing this scope of work with a solid history and track record of performance. 

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About Us

We are not your normal messy and unprofessional demolition contractors.

That’s just not how we operate.

We handle each demolition project in Georgia with the utmost care. Our expert team puts in all of our focus plus expertise to guarantee a swift and accomplished demolition.

Being in this arena of the construction business can be unsafe for the demolition team, as well as surrounding properties and citizens. So we use proper safety protocols that are successful time and time again.

Whether you are in need of commercial or residential demolition in Georgia or the Atlanta area, we have your needs covered and of course your project is in good hands too.

All our demolition contractors and professionals are fully licensed with proper background checks. We’re extremely focused on professional business behavior and hard ethical character when on the construction site.

We Provide The Best Demolition in Atlanta, Georgia
For years our company has been conducting total and partial demolitions for a large number of properties in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. We’ve been rated top in our class as a deconstruction company in the whole metropolitan Atlanta area. You can have a look at the reviews on our website, Google My Business, we can even provide past client information for you to contact so you know for sure that we’re good at what we do.

No project is too big or small for our team. We have crews that specialize in home demolition and other team members that are keen on commercial and large building decommissioning plus abatement.

Us Compared To Other Options
Atlanta Demolition, Southern Demolition, Green Circle Demolition, etc. we know them all. We're pretty sure those firms do a decent job for their clients, but we’re the best demolition services provider out there. This can be seen from our competitive prices to our past performance which shows our value time and time again. If you want a demo company that pays attention to the details, practices safety at all times without creating more negative impact to nearby properties as compared to “Chuck in a Truck”, the demolition firm that doesn’t know what they’re really doing and takes on jobs out of their scope, poorly managing the crew and engineers, then you should surely speak with our team instead.

We’re here to help you. We truly ensure a professional, safe, and priced right wrecking and cleanup process.

Anyone can speak well of themselves though, right? So we recommend you get in touch with the clients we’ve been proud to work with. They are the types who vote us as the #1 Georgia demolition company located right here in Atlanta.

Demolition Services We Provide
You may wonder what aspects of the demolition process do we offer? Do they remove and clean up the project debris? We can gladly answer yes to these questions with the surest confidence. We are full service through and through!

Our demolition and excavation jobs are completed from A to Z ensuring a full job done. We take the lead in removing all the asbestos, leveling the building, scattering building pieces, and ensuring the ground below is pristine.

After the house, building, property, land demolition is completed, we move to concrete breakdown and removal. After we cut all the property materials into removable pieces we do complete debris removal. At the end of our work, we conduct land leveling to ensure the ground below is qualified to allow for a new build.

With Georgia Demolition Contractors, you don’t have to be concerned about a single thing. Grab your phone to talk with us, discuss your project with us, and let's scope out the project. We then conduct a FREE appointment, leaving you with a descriptive demolition quote with pricing. We also leave you with the guidance of our leading demolition consultants allowing you to make the best decisions for your needs.

You heard it right! We don’t bring out some sales guys, we bring out the best of the best who have done demolition and excavation jobs over and over. Our passion may be the biggest component that sets us apart and ensures our position as the top demolition company in Atlanta and Georgia at large.

We are your best choice of demolition experts around!

Demolition Pricing & Limited-Time Project Promotions
The best part of what we do here (besides being full-service professionals at the most competitive prices), is that we offer top-notch demolition techniques from a local perspective, not some out-of-state hotshots. We don’t offer flat “per square” pricing that applies to all jobs. We factor in the building materials, the area a job is located, and how challenging it is to take a building down, but even more important: we take your needs into consideration.

You heard it right! We want to make this whole experience as simple and cost-effective as possible. This is why we give a FREE demolition estimate for your project. Give us a call so we can walk you through the steps and costs of the project you have in mind. We ensure a chat with us will help all of us: you finally know what your project will take (plus the time frame to be past it) additionally you’ll know the realistic demolition estimate required for us to provide our professional team, build out a plan, and get to work on completing the deconstruction process.

We give you an idea of how the project will go, this also gives us an idea of things like the number debris truckloads and asbestos removal tools we’ll need. Other insights are realized such as which size excavator we are going to need, the number of demolition workers required on-site, and how long it will take to pace out the job.

That’s the sort of professionalism we have as a company, all while being conveniently located right here in Georgia. Our local presence allows things to move quickly in a sure and safety-focused manner without needing to jump through the normal hoops to get the job done right. We work hard to earn your trust and ensure a timely start to working on the key building (be it a home or commercial property) we aim to get the project completed. We conduct thorough and completely informed meetings, so when it’s time to begin the project we can successfully get right to work. We won’t waste your time on the phone, discussing things that don’t matter for the job or haggle. We’re only going to be considered busy when on-site and that’s our word to you!

What’s Next?
Your project isn’t going to come undone and be removed properly without an expert team in place to handle it. What are you waiting for? Give us a call now!

It’s wise to put your certainty in us and the fate of your building - whether residential or commercial - in the best demolition contractors in Atlanta and throughout the whole state of Georgia! We ensure you, it won't be regretted. It'll be the best thing you do!

When talking with us on the phone, ensure to mention this website so we can be extra prepared that you’re serious about your project.

Some of Our Services

commercial demolition
Commercial Demo

We ensure non-residential buildings from big to small can be taken down.

residential demolition
Residential Demo

If you have a home or property that needs to be demolished, we have you covered no problem at all.


We like to dig and remove from the ground, allowing for a fresh new perspective.


Its a blast being about to make things go BOOM! Helping with explosives is a mastery of ours.

Happy Customer Testimonials

We take the utmost pride in delivering the best possible demolition services in the industry.

"Georgia Demolition Contractors get it, plain and simple."
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Adam Blurm
Alpharetta, Georgia
"This team is the best, they come out for free and helped eliminate my demolition concerns."
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Suzy Valley
Atlanta, Georgia
"We were worried about getting our house taken down but these contractors were sure and confident about their quality of work."
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Stella Selitz
Buckhead, Georgia
"The excavation project we had was a big one but it ended up being a breeze with Georgia Demolition Contractors, huge thanks to them."
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Ronnie Murt
Kennesaw, Georgia
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