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Concrete Breakdown & Removal

Over time there will come a moment that you want all that ugly concrete to be taken away, removed, or relocated. To most, that sounds like a large undertaking, but to us, it’s a fun job that we look forward to!

Removing old concrete can be so invigorating for the remainder of the structure since it allows you to go in and replace it with newer concrete or other material. Some move forward with re-surfacing or they decide to fill the structure with more new concrete. 

The difficulty with minor changes and small re-construction projects is it can actually make the situation worse than it actually needs to be. Sometimes, it’s simply better to tear it down and start from scratch as a new project. If you’re one of the people with a project that fits into this category, keep on reading, we have more wisdom on this subject for you. 

The biggest challenge people have, demolition companies included, is which methodology will the concrete breakdown occur. You’ve probably heard of concrete blasts or blasting concrete but you’re afraid of damaging the surrounding buildings. This is why we here at Georgia Demolition Contractors want to give you as many options available as we possibly can. 

Compared to blasting it in the air, you can perform a more precise approach to removing the concrete, by cutting it. When we use this method, we use our well-serviced heavy machinery to begin taking the concrete apart slice by slice. Since we have a multitude of machinery tools available in our fleet, we can truly perform this job much faster than piece by piece. We want you to get the concept behind this approach and why it works well. 

There is of course another approach and we truly enjoy using it. We’re referring to the impacting method where we split open the pieces of concrete, applying pressure to the structure appropriately. It’s very much so like drilling, with numerous blows to the concrete causing vibrations, cracking it open, and shattering it into bits and pieces. This is a highly efficient and safe method to accomplish the task at hand.

Maybe you’ve noticed some sizable CAT machinery that has large jaws that are used in the crushing method. It’s very much like your mouth when you chew food: it crushes the concrete into tiny little pieces while simultaneously weakening the surface around the one you focus on. It actually uses hydroelectric power so that it can handle the great amount of resistance the concrete naturally has. 

Another wonderful approach used by demolition companies in Georgia and the Metro Atlanta Area is called the pre-splitting method. This technique uses a wedge that splits the concrete into halves. The wedge can either be based on mechanical force from the heavy equipment or even cause a strong chemical reaction. 

All of this is displayed to help show that under our wisdom you have a lot of options available, depending on the subject building’s location, the immediate needs, and even your allowable funding for the project. 

For better or worse, there isn’t one primary application that’s applied across the board for all jobs, rather it’s situational and case by case but we can help identify the BEST solution. When searching for the greatest demolition contractors to deal with that pesky concrete structure, make sure their team gives you as much intel as we aimed to give you here. We are friendly and helpful, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask any questions you may have. 

We’re here to help find the best solution(s) for the projects that you need, rest assured.

Don’t be afraid of this process thinking it will be too dangerous for you or your surrounding neighbors. We apply years of industry knowledge with the greatest safety procedures to ensure a completely smooth and appropriate concrete breakdown plus a  proper demolition process. 

As in any construction or deconstruction worksite, safety and professionalism come first. The job at hand is something we care very much about, we are focused and sure. We are absolutely timely but also don’t rush through our projects, risking the well-being of our client’s project and our beloved workers. You will be extraordinarily happy to learn, that in over 20+ years of being in the demolition business, we’ve had minimal incidents, with no significant accidents at all. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Our firm doesn’t just handle the old farmhouse or garage that needs to be taken down and demolished. We do it all including the large implosion projects that actually mandate having local law enforcement to secure the project perimeter. We are highly experienced when it comes to coordinating the ideal team to work safely next to neighboring tenants and other structures. Our aim is for a clean project from start to finish, A to Z.

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