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Garage Demolition

We can take on almost any project, no matter the scope or size: big, medium, small we can demolish it all! Plus, we always ensure to clean up our work area as soon as the garage or other structures have been taken down. We also don’t just demolish it, we take away anything that needs to be hauled away. 

All the junk, debris, wood, concrete, shingles, etc. left-back, will be collected together and put into our specific construction dumpsters for recycling (we do try to practice earth-friendly methods wherever possible) plus standard trash purposes.

Since trash tends to gather in residential areas, one of your troubles may be what the neighbors will say. Not a problem, we take it all into account when working on our demolition projects and to date, we haven’t had any difficulties at all with surrounding buildings and neighbors. This is because we’re highly focused on everything we do while following all safety protocols to the tee.

Be sure, we will not put your home or your neighbor’s home at any risk or harm. Even when we come to the property with our large machinery and bulldozers plus take the debris offsite, it’s all done in a very secure and skilled way without disturbing the community or surroundings. 

Looking into the more granular parts of the project, such as the garage doors and the windows, for example, we have some specialists that use trimming and sliding techniques to remove them with tact. Additionally, we pay really close attention to any electric or water lines throughout the structure so we don’t cause any unnecessary damage.

We make sure all power and water or other utilities get shut down before any demolition work begins. We are always in ideal communication with you and/or anyone else responsible for your property and the project at hand. 

When you are ready for us to come over and scope out the project on-site, you can call us or fill out our forms so we can review and reach back out to your ASAP. 

If you feel like it’s a fit and we can help, next we come out to the subject property to give an estimate for the financial budget and turnaround time for the job to be properly completed. If you’re planning on demolishing more than one garage or the garage is oversized, please simply let us know since we may be able to provide a volume pricing for this. 

Depending on how intricate the project scope is such as whether it will include the debris cleanup or no cleanup, you may be able to have a bit of money saved.

Before you go ahead with any final decisions, make sure you’ve spoken with us prior to. There are so many numerous ways we can combine different services offerings into one very whole package cutting costs where possible but never skimping on the quality of work. 

We’re always ready to answer your calls or visit potential work sites so don’t be shy. Feel free to pick up your phone and give us a ring, even if it’s on the weekends or at odd hours, we aim to be as responsive as possible. We are local to Atlanta so if convenient or more comfortable for you, our offices are nearby for a more thorough in-person meeting regarding the project.

Once we get started with the demolition process don’t stop, get all of your needs taken care of. If you have other demolition projects that you need to be done, simply let us know so we can quote that too for you. 

It simply makes sense to stick to one demolition company in Atlanta for all your deconstruction demands. Know that we’re absolutely going to give your project our best effort, making sure it checks off the boxes from a financial perspective.


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