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Here is the full picture: a lot of people enjoy doing implosions for their buildings, it gives them a blank canvas. The challenging part is location, it’s as simple as that.

When your project is in an area surrounded by other properties, it can make it difficult for us to set our explosives without the risk of doing collateral damage to other surrounding structures. 

In this case, many times you will see us with bulldozers and excavators for a couple of basic reasons: 

  • Even with our expertise you sometimes can’t always get a demolition permit in the city of Atlanta for implosion due to its surroundings
  • It’s often not possible to complete the demolition process in any other way
  • We have tried and local governments won’t allow it to happen regardless of applications

Before we can tell you we’re good to go, we first need to know more about the location of the property, but most key, make sure the city government will grant us the required permission and permitting. Throughout our history, there have been cases when a building was not near anything else and for some odd or irrelevant reason at that time the job can’t begin.

Since Georgia Demolition Contractors are so well known and have been ingrained into the community as a demolition firm in Atlanta, Georgia we can bring in the best explosive professionals and technicians which help our case. Additionally, since most of our work is keyed into deconstruction and tearing down buildings bit by bit, we make sure all methods being used are modern and follow the most recent guidelines plus safety protocols. 

There is always an implosion expert on our team. Whenever we have such a project scheduled at the moment or not. With this, there won’t be experimental people, trying to figure out how to do the job and make the wire connections for things to explode properly.

You may be happy to know, that even though we have worker’s compensation and liability insurance at $1,000,000+ coverage, we never really need to use it. We’re extremely qualified when it comes to taking care of our worker’s safety. 

Even when doing deconstruction we are spectacularly safe, there aren’t any regular complaints by neighboring tenants. Not only do our clients feel happy and cared for at the end of each project but our success is clear to see. The neighboring buildings and people nearby are being taken care of and in no way being heavily impacted by our work.

At the time you’re ready to imagine seeing yourself counting down the time the explosions go off like on July 4th, make sure to speak with our company first. 

We are happy to share videos and picture content of our past implosions completed for sizable commercial projects and these days we’re even documenting the process through cutting-edge technology like drones and satellite imagery. This allows for a multitude of views of the building’s complete destruction.

So are you ready to blow that structure and building to the ground? We can help do this in a safe and proven manner that will have you smiling from ear to ear and all at a price that is budget-friendly!

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