Pool Demolition & In-Fill

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Pool Demolition & In-Fill

We make pool jobs safe to put other builds on top of. It can also now be a safe area that remains unused but is now secured and not such a liability. 


Georgia Demolition Contractors not only does demolition work additionally we make sure swimming pools in Atlanta and throughout the great state of Georgia are able to be removed right in our best deconstruction efforts. We get it, pools aren’t for everyone and can be nice up until they’re a headache. 

There are so many reasons you may want to get rid of a pool. Perhaps you may have gotten sick of maintaining it, you may not like the costs associated with keeping it in shape, it may be at an investment home where a pool is a liability or undesired, your yard may be too small with a pool in it, the pool may be old and nasty, perhaps it causes a scar due to a personal memory.

Whatever the reasoning, we can get that pool off your mind. Of course, we provide you a FREE estimate, as well as a game plan on how we will handle it, then the ball is in your court. We can fill the massive pool hole making it level with the ground, using our bulldozers which is always an option. Taking care of such projects has truly become a regular routine for us, a lot of people surprisingly find pools as a challenge on their property. Ironically, these days countless property owners are getting rid of their pools. Thus, we are highly trained in this practice and have regular experience helping with this pesky problem.

We have a number of options when it comes to digging your pool out. We provide a partial removal and/or complete removal of swimming pools. For instance, there’s always a complete removal demolition process that will be more costly, although it’s a safer procedure with smaller complications and it’s less risky of a process. During the partial removal process, we basically break the top shell of the swimming pool and let it sink into the ground. Next, we come in with our bulldozers and excavators to fill in the hole ensuring it’s level with the ground and tamped so it’s compacted properly to not sink deeper in the future. For a complete demolition, every bit of the pool is removed be it the: tiling, rails, walls, diving board, rock, decorative bits, debris, piping, plumbing, etc.,  and once that’s completed, we fill it in with dirt and pack it tightly. 

As you can see there are a number of different options to choose from. When we come on-site to give a complimentary estimate aim to make sure you can afford the deconstruction expenses. We get it, you may not know how you want to take care of your specific pool, you are still seeking the ideal option. Have no fear, we can visit your property and review your unique pool area situation. 

Keep in mind that it varies on the way your swimming pool has been installed. Occasionally pools may only require partial demolition. If this is the scenario with yours, we can make sure you don’t spend any additional funds on demolition that you simply don’t need to be completed. All in all, we will make it a lot more simple for you.

We are always aiming to provide the most affordable pricing in the area. We surely offer the most reasonable demolitions throughout Georgia and in the Metro Atlanta area by far.

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