Residential Demolition

residential demolition

Residential Demolition

Do you have a house that needs to be demolished?


Look no further, we’re the best demolition contractors in all of Atlanta, Georgia!

 The excavator team and the entire crew will need to be extremely cautious of surrounding objects and structures. We know it would be a negative experience for you to want to remove your swimming pool, but instead, an excavator takes a chunk out of your newly completed home addition or bay window? Imagine construction debris flying through the air chipping your nice roof? 

You can’t have an unprofessional or disqualified contractor do this sort of work. You need a group of professionals who actually have a passion for safely helping with your project needs. We are just those professionals to get the job done right the first time.

The type of services we offer for our residential clients varies with plenty of options. There may have already been residential demolition done on the property in question, so you may just want land cleanup. We can provide our dumpsters to make the project look as clean as it can possibly get. Possibly you want us to level out the land, that is also a regular service we offer.

No matter what you need to be done at your house, we can likely take care of it with quality in mind. Don’t hesitate, our phones are waiting for your call.

Often the type of work you need done may be a combination of projects. You may think you need to remove the debris lying around on your property, but simultaneously we know you also need land leveling completed. There is no need to search around for another demolition company in Georgia when you have us right here ready to help.

Reach out to us now to take advantage of our special pricing residential demolition offers.

You will be smiling knowing that after all these years we’ve been doing demolition no matter how unique the situation of residential properties, we haven’t had a single major accident, not even once. Many times there can be flying debris that hit a neighbor’s house or even worse break a window but we keep things clean and pristine.

You would then need to go sort it all out, pay for the damages, deal with insurance, a number of not-so-fun things. Well, luckily not with us! We will take care of all surrounding structures and buildings to ensure that no harm is done. The demolition procedures we use will be conducted to ensure a proper and unintrusive project.

As icing on the cake, our workers are completely licensed, with each having the proper government approvals in their specialty (whether they are operating heavy equipment or the team leads, even the general labor). Our engineers will consult for each demolition project. They are up to date with the latest legal requirements needed to be top-notch.

We don’t tolerate being decent at the work we do, here we only take on the most talented labor. We hire slow and fire fast so our people know that underperformance isn’t an option. Your feedback is key and we are here to serve your needs.

A job done isn’t our standard, only a job well done is. There are many okay demolition contractors that aren’t terrible. Although just a number of them will go the extra step and check that the whole process is smooth sailing. Beyond this, we make sure we’re in constant contact with you. This ensures to make sure you are fully satisfied with the final results of our work. You are the boss on the job and together we ensure your desires are respected. We understand you may be too busy or not interested in visiting our office to discuss your residential demolition needs but rest assured, we’re more than happy to come out to your property to review its scope together. In most scenarios, we need to visit and look at the home you’re looking to have demolished, in order to be accurate in our proposed pricing and demolition scope of work. So what we’re saying is you won’t necessarily need to visit our offices in Atlanta, rather the whole project (from the estimation to its completion) are able to be completed at the comfort of your own home before we help demolish it 🙂

Amongst all of the effort we go through to tear down your property, we make sure you have a clean site that doesn’t need any of your attention. The land will be properly leveled, cleaned up including all debris, and prepared for the next structure you want in its place.

We offer land cleaning which is getting rid of the trees, brush, junk, concrete, etc. you don’t want. Please advise us if this would be of desire during your project. We do it all, so don’t worry about asking us to make your coffee, all jokes aside, our founder makes the best cup of coffee this side of the Mississippi!

When it comes to legal constraints we ensure we’re following the law, we’re always highly compliant. Be it permits for every home we demolish, have no fear, we obtain them, and after all the environmental and regional regulations have been followed, only then do we proceed with the scope of work at hand.

You shouldn’t be in fear of the demolition project being delayed or shut down due to some random interference or gray area, we have your back and you are fully covered. The second we say let’s start until the very end of work, rest assured we will do the best job possible, without any delay issues for you to deal with.

Doing demolition work out of Atlanta serving all of Georgia, for now, over two decades, we have gotten very familiar with the local lawmakers, shook the right hands, and often times have even consulted with them too. This allows us to make sure what we’re doing is following the exact legal requirements for every single rule of the city and the state. We will never go through questionable means to get a deconstruction project started or continued, we just do things right here at Georgia Demolition Contractors.

If you are still debating on whether you want demolition or deconstruction work completed for your residential property or building, we can certainly be of service to you with that decision. In many cases, with deconstructions and through the donating of the building materials, you may be eligible for tax breaks, and a lot of times, even though demolition is roughly 50% the price of deconstruction, it may make sense to deconstruct.

There is a lot of work to be done with the building takedown, materials management, labor, equipment, etc. We are able to estimate the project and tell you with certainty what will be best for you, from an all-around and especially a financial standpoint.

Not all jobs should go through a deconstruction process, however, it is more methodical and safe for some jobs. However you decide, know that you can surely consult with us prior to making your final decision.

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