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We are basically a full-size construction company that slants more towards demolition projects since we enjoy their challenge but we don’t discriminate against construction opportunities. A lot of the gear you see on our demolition zones are also utilized on our construction sites as well. 


A crane and excavator are very useful in many project types be it dealing with new or old builds. As we have said prior, if you are intending to do both demolition and re-construction, keep us informed since we may be able to get you a greater deal for using our business for more than one project! 


Additionally, we’re glad to share that we compete directly with all other construction companies in Atlanta, Georgia. It goes beyond pricing competitiveness, rather it’s a quality equation for us, because between the customer service and equipment used we go above and beyond. 


Our company is distinct, we’re always up to date with the latest and greatest using the most high-tech tools available throughout the construction industry. We don’t rest or rely on equipment or methodologies that are old school or archaic.


There’s a real sense of pride we have in our construction division that ensures a silo between construction and demolition to make sure we’re 100% focused on each. Many times these two go hand in hand. Normally it begins with the demolition process, so it’s equally critical to us. Since a construction undertaking requires a lot of arrangements and communicated planning, we are always open and happy to have you come to our offices located not too far outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 


Prior to formally setting foot on the construction worksite, we want to make ensure the project criteria is absolutely clear for all involved. The ideal strategy is straightforward and even the fulfillment duration is mutually agreed on. 


This way by the time we arrive on site with our heavy machinery and equipment, there aren’t any open question marks floating around. Let’s all come together as the decision-makers and let’s get to work!

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